Forward Looking Information

This website was prepared as a summary and for convenience only and does not intend to substitute the need to peruse the reports the company publishes for the public.

Full and comprehensive information in connection with the company and its business can be found in the periodic and immediate reports published by the company on the Securities website at www.magna.isa.gov.il. Similarly the predictions are based on data, information and estimations known by the company on the date this website was prepared and/or updated, and the company does not undertake to revise and/or change such predictions and/or estimations to reflect events and/or circumstances to apply after the website was prepared and/or updated. 

In this website, the company included forward looking information as defined in the Securities Law, 5728 - 1968 in relation to itself and in relation to held or affiliated companies. Such information includes, inter alia, predictions, objectives, estimations, evaluations and other information relating to future events or affairs, whereby the realization thereof is uncertain and may be affected by factors that cannot be evaluated in advance and which are not in the company’s control. Including but not limited to technological and engineering difficulties, climate disasters, natural disasters and insects, regulatory changes, difficulties or delays in connection with research grants, scope of future funding resources and ability to actually raise these resources, changes in work plans, not receiving the relevant health  authorities approvals on the expected date, changes in technologies, changes in target markets, the portfolio companies decisions not to continue developing the products in the format fixed to do so due to each one of the foregoing factors and/or realization of any one of the risk factors characteristic of the company’s activity. Forward looking information is based on the company’s management estimations, based, inter alia on information the company’s management is aware of, on the date this presentation was prepared, including an assessment of the markets in which the company is active, statistical and public data and publications published by the various bodies and authorities, the content of which was not reviewed by the company independently and therefore the company is not responsible for the correctness thereof.

Realization of all or part of the forward looking information or in a manner that differs from what was expected or that it is not realized, will be affected, inter alia, by risk factors characteristic of the company’s activity and from developments in the economic environment and external factors affecting the company in its fields of activity.


The company has no certainty that its estimations, plans and expectations will be realized and therefore the activity results may be materially different from the estimated or implied results of this information.

This website does not constitute an invitation to treat or an offer to purchase the company’s securities.