Our Team


Ori Weiss


CEO and Director at Intelicanna.
Ori is an entrepreneur and businessman in
the fields of real estate and capital markets, with over 20 years experience; as well as a third generation agricultural farmer.
Ori was previously a partner in the "Israeli Construction Center Group" and a Director of "the Israeli Housing Center". Ori’s real estate ventures include residential and commercial projects throughout Israel.



Doron Birger

Chairman of the Board

Chairman and director of a variety of technology companies, such as Given Imaging, which sold for over a billion dollars, and was traded in Israel and NASDAQ. Currently serves as chairman, director, and consultant to several technology companies, private and public, primarily in the field of medical devices. Doron also serves as chairman and a board member of a number of non-profit organizations. He acquired a BA and MA degree in economics from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Dr. Dov Tamarkin

Director and Consultant

A former founder and CEO of Foamix, which develops and markets innovative dermatology drugs.  The company has successfully developed innovative drugs for skin diseases, collaborated with international pharmaceutical companies and successfully approved three new drugs for US FDA approval. In 2014, the company introduced to the NASDAK Exchange and raised $160 million. Since then he has been active as a director and strategic consultant in healthcare companies. At Intelicana serves as a director, with responsibility for leading projects in the areas of medical treatment development, based on cannabis and its derivatives.


Ilanit Halperin


Mrs. Halperin has practiced accounting for 21 years, including 11 as a partner at Fahn Kanne Grant Thorton in Israel. She has extensive experience taking companies public both in Israel and abroad, and is familiar with international accounting standards (IFRS), U.S. accounting standards (US GAAP), and Israel accounting standards (ISRAEL GAAP).


Nachshol Cohen


Nachshol has over 10 years of experience in industrial scale cultivation of cannabis.  Mr. Cohen is the founder of integral hydroponics, a company that specializes in providing technology and solutions for controlled cultivation of plants. In addition, Nachshol is the founder of Mycolivia medicinal mushrooms. Nachshol was the breeder and grower of IMC (Israel Medicinal Cannabis). Nachshol studied medicinal chemistry in Ariel University, and was a researcher in the lab of organic chemistry and natural ingredients of Professor Shimon Shatzmiller.


Liron Levy


With extensive background in producing cultural events, the contemporary art scene - indi exhibitions, design and branding, Liron has taken a vast role here at Intelicanna; maintaining its brand and marketing along with HR and welfare management; and Acquisitions. With previous background, in Real-Estate at commercial projects marketing. Holds a bachelor degree in Social Sciences and Art, with honors.


Haim Weiss

Farm and Plant Manager

Haim was born and educated in Givat Chen, to third generation farmers. He has experience in agriculture and is extremely knowledgable about a variety of crops. He is a true farmer by nature. Apart from this, he has an education from Ruppin College and Bar Ilan. He majored in Landscaping Engineering, Biology and Geography. He is nothing short of a man with hands (and a heart) of gold.


Amir Shapiro


With an 8 year experience in high-tech, specializing in data systems analysis and management; Amir brings innovative and entrepreneurial thinking to the field of agri-tech at Intelicanna. Along with a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management, from Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Amir has also dabbled with developing smart algorithms for the food industry. 


Yuval Maytal

Post-Harvest Manager

An experienced project manager and logistical Manager. Yuval has Lead many complex offshore projects in an international high tech company. He was Project manager for TradeTech B2C - Overseeing the full product lifecycle: from business

needs, design, R&D (including offshore teams), launch, iterative improvement and growth and led and successfully internal projects to ensure compliance of company’s operation.


Dor Cohen

QA and Farm Biologist

With a BA in Biology from Ariel University; Dor joined our company as the head of our cultivation unit.

Prior to that; Dor gained experience at Ilan-Bio labs and worked in the field of tissue cultures. He currently manages the quality assurance (QA) department as well operating as our farm's biologist.

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