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Intelicanna Cannabis Cultivation

Our Vision


Intelicanna is a publicly traded, international medical cannabis company based in Israel.

From plant genetics and agro technologies to downstream processing and product development, Intelicanna will leverage the wide spectrum of proven Israeli know-how to revolutionize the process of medical cannabis cultivation and processing.

Capitalizing on our specialists' vast experience and deep understanding of the medical cannabis market, Intelicanna’s ‘R&D to commercialization’ strategy aims to create a global portfolio of high quality products and technologies that will help optimize the process of cultivating and processing cannabis within the industry.

In Israel, Intelicanna will cultivate consistent, high quality medical cannabis for the local market in a state of the art, snow-white medifarm facility that will incorporate various agro and automation technologies that enhance the quality of our cannabis.  

Intelicanna is also developing a medical cannabis-based cream for treating the symptoms of Psoriasis and other skin irritations.


Internationally, Intelicanna continues to evaluate opportunities that would allow it to increase its international footprint.


Intelicanna also seeks partnerships with companies both in Israel and worldwide to co-develop innovative cannabis products and solutions.

Our Team

Ori Weiss


Ori is a third generation agricultural farmer and has over 20 years experience in real estate and capital markets. He was a founder and partner of the Israeli Construction Center Group and served as CEO of the Israeli Housing Center. He worked closely with Srugim and The Company for Urban Renewal for various large housing development projects, and was instrumental in the establishment of the Cnaan group. Over the course of his professional career Ori has managed dozens of employees and over a hundred million dollars in turnover.

Yona Levy


Yona has over 20 years of experience in business management and investment banking. Mr. Levy is the founder of Levy Capital Group, a boutique investment house that specializes is providing investment opportunities in the U.S. and Israeli markets to both large Israeli banks and high net worth individuals. Levy Capital's investments include US stocks, private companies, start-ups, and Israeli real estate development projects. Since 1996, Yona has also been the acting Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Jerusalem of Gold nursing home.

Nachshol Cohen

Cannabis Expert

Nachshol has over 10 years of experience in industrial scale cultivation of cannabis.  Mr. Cohen is the founder of integral hydroponics, a company that specializes in providing technology and solutions for controlled cultivation of plants. In addition Nachshol is the founder of Mycolivia medicinal mushrooms. Nachshol was the breeder and grower of IMC (Israel Medicinal Cannabis). Nachshol studied medicinal chemistry in Ariel University, and was a researcher in the lab of organic chemistry and natural ingredients of Professor Shimon Shatzmiller.

Ilanit Halperin

Chief Financial Officer

Mrs. Halperin has practiced accounting for 21 years, including 11 as a partner at Fahn Kanne Grant Thorton in Israel. She has extensive experience taking companies public both in Israel and abroad, and is familiar with international accounting standards (IFRS), U.S. accounting standards (US GAAP), and Israel accounting standards (ISRAEL GAAP).

Dr. Dov Tamarkin

Director and Consultant

Dr. Tamarkin is the former founder and CEO of Foamix , which develops and markets innovative dermatology drugs. Under his management, Foamix raised $160 million on the stock exchange.

Liron Levy

Social Media and Employee Experience Manager

Liron has a broad background in the Art and design industry; in graphics, event planning and the Israeli contemporary art scene; along with experience in social media marketing. Most recently, Liron served as an executive assistant to the CEO of one of the leading real estate development companies in Israel.

Intelicanna & The Enviorment



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